Nicholas Sparks Live in Manila

When I first learned that Nicholas Sparks that he will have a book tour here in the Philippines is from my brother. I don’t know how my older brother learned about it.

Before Nicholas Sparks came here for book sign to promote his latest book “The Best of Me”, National Book Store and Powerbooks has a promo. The package contains the paperback edition and a flyer. The content of the flyer: National Bookstore’s logo, a photo of Nicholas Sparks, his latest book and the promo mechanics.

At first, I got confused how will the “bunutan” go until at the day of the book sign.

Last Friday morning when I walking from the building of St. Francis Square going to the aisle near The Podium, there is already a queue near the 2nd Entrance/Exit door. And that 2nd Entrance/Exit is near to the escalator. And that escalator is near to the Atrium wherein the book signing is held.

When I asked to go to the banks to conduct some banking works, I asked for permission to go the Podium to register. After the banking works I went to the Podium and went to the 2nd floor, I learned that the queue is long until to the 5th level of the aforementioned mall. So I decided to come back in the afternoon after my shift.

After my shift, my last duty for the day was to go to the notary and to notarize the documents I brought. Minutes before 5 p.m., I arrived at the Podium. I went to the registration and got my number and my number is 1001.

While waiting for my turn, I saw a mother carrying another 2 books (I don’t remember the titles), and asked her. “Is it okay for him to sign 2 books aside from his latest book?” I forgot the reply.

I asked the staff at the registration area, regarding bringing books to be signed. She answered that it is okay to bring more than 2 books of Nicholas Sparks, as long as the customer bought more than 2 copies of “The Bes of Me.”

I asked her about the people who didn’t have the lucky stab. She answered they gave them juice.

While waiting for my turn, a photographer/cameraman/videographer took a shot of me. I gave a glimpse of the photographer/cameraman/videographer. And to be honest, I’m not even sure if the subject is me.

When the numbers 1001 to 1050 were called and asked to form a queue to the right side of the stage, I went to the queue. I asked a lady: “What time is it?” She said: “It’s 9:30”. After my is signed by Nicholas Sparks himself and about to leave the stage, nagtanong ako kung may picture pa. tinanong ako kung may dala akong camera. I don’t remember the reply. Before I leave the stage, one of the staff removed the number on my polo and I didn’t received any giveaways.

And here’s the finale.

When I arrived home from the event, and I opened my Facebook account, and here’s my status: Just arrived from Nicholas Sparks’s book signing of “The Best of Me” in The Podium.

Yesterday evening, my brother gave me my Nicholas Sparks-signed copy of Safe Haven. And this is what he (Nicholas Sparks) wrote:

Nicholas Sparks”

All the photos below are mine. Here are the photos.

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