RPG: Metanoia

I admit that I’m not a fan of Filipino-made movies, so far I like RPG: Metanoia. And I don’t watch any of the Metro Manila Film Festival, since I wash born. Well except for Tanging Yaman and RPG: Metanoia.

Way back 1997, I supposedly going to watch the MMFF entry Ibong Adarna, but for some reasons I didn’t. Same thing with the 2010 MMFF entry and Jennylyn Mercado-starred film Rosario.

Back to RPG: Metanoia. I was intrigued with the movie’s animation. Supposedly, I was going to watch it last Wednesday, due to that I have reason(s), I didn’t. Supposedly, I was going to watch it last Thursday, due to that I have afternoon training on that day, I didn’t. So I decided to watch it yesterday.

So here’s my review on the aforementioned movie.

I was somehow impressed with the movie’s animation, and its visual effects. The movie’s score is also a good product. The sound editing and the sound mixing are not that bad, but that good.

There are some weak points. During the time I was watching the movie last night, I find the voice acting is the weakest point of the movie’s flaws.

So far, the movie is a good movie.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Photo credits to Yahoo! Fit to Post Philippines, and RPG: Metanoia website, and RPG: Metanoia Facebook account.

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